About Us

Our Philosphy

Our philosophy of Unique Destiny is that each family gets to explore, learn and have fun.

We believe that each child has a unique destiny. Unique Destiny Learners Studio links home and school through home education labs and tutoring. We offer a variety of programs to assist families in furthering of their child’s education. We aspire to discover and ignite the passions of each child while providing close personal attention to each family.

Unique Destiny’s main responsibility and mission is to support families and their child’s educational journey. We offer homeschool families a variety of unique, year-long workshops, academies and labs to enrich their educational experience. Our workshops, labs and academies incorporate academics and the arts to inspire individual interests and passions. Our nurturing staff partner with parents to support educational progress in a safe environment for positive social development. Unique Destiny promotes family involvement, hands-on activity, small class sizes and explore-based learning with stimulating instruction.

Who we are in 60 seconds!

Few parents happen to have the passion, patience, and most importantly the time to focus on developing and exploring their child’s destinies.

At Unique Destiny, a cutting edge learners studio, we want to focus on exploring your child’s destiny with them through hands-on learning services ranging from full-time & part-time classes, to virtual school, tutoring, and exploratory-styled electives.

Unique Destiny can turn your child’s explorations into a page-turning reality of a love for learning. Whether you want your student to receive full-time learning services, or just needs part-time learning services or maybe just wants to explore hands-on learning in a lower student/teacher class ratio, Unique Destiny can provide you with hands-on learning resources and will take care of the bulk of their schooling needs.

It’s simple. You just select what services your child needs. If you need full-time services, we will schedule a family interview & trial day. If you need part-time services, just sign-up online and come to the studio on selected dates. Space is limited.

Think of us as your personal village & play-date where your child can explore learning while exploring. Remember for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. Let Unique Destiny Learners Studio help explore your child’s unique destiny.

Personalized Learning

How do we personalize learning for each student?

We personalize learning by giving students various options of classes that cater to not only their interest but involving parents in the process. Building relationships and getting to know the students, parents, and their Lab Instructor is a key component in personalizing! Our teachers personalize learning by setting goals for their students and parents based on each child’s individual need and then provide multiple paths to meet those goals. We personalize learning by working with our students and their individual learning styles. We look at how they learn: either by verbal instruction, visual aids, and perhaps whole body. With our customized lessons, we can focus on their abilities and work with our students to apply their own individual strengths to their own learning situations. We personalize learning by offering smaller class sizes and a team-oriented approach to insure success. Each member of our teaching team brings different skills and training. We also personalize learning by giving students extension activities to do at home which can be used to supplement their homeschooling curriculum. The learning starts with the learner. Learning is tailored to the individual needs of each learner, not just to the “one size fits all.”

Why personalize learning?

Students are more engaged and cooperative in a personalized learning environment, which allows them to successfully achieve their goals. Personalized learning enables a student to seek more out of their education. By incorporating this personalized learning, it allows room for more student inquiry and also develops a passion for academics. Personalized learning promotes a “give and take” environment to build leaders and team-oriented adults instead of test taking robot. Personalized learning inspires students to think outside of the box and encourages them to become actively engaged in their education through passion and excitement. 

Goal Setting

Appropriate, workshop, lab & academy related goals are set for each lesson taught at the learners studio. Student tasks are then individualized, taking each student’s abilities and learning styles into account. Students have the opportunity to set goals to enrich their own educational journey. (As a team and individuals; we make sure to celebrate our goals being reached and work together to help individuals reach their own personal goals).

Meet Destini

Founder of Unique Destiny

Destini Lewis was born and raised in the Miami/Florida area where she holds the title of Miss Teen Spirit of Miami 2003–2004, before relocating to Tampa, FL to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology & Theater, from University of South Florida. She has worked at various non-profit and county public schools over the past 12 years, teaching, tutoring and coaching.  One of her fondest accomplishments was leading her boys’ & girls’ track team to district & regional track meet while tutoring in Tampa Bay, FL.  Destini was also privileged to work at the YMCA for several seasons, where she served as Curriculum Specialist & Assistant Director of their County School Partnership Branch. Destini and her partner Jonathan are parents to Lily, a 3-month-old and Charles-Anthony, a 9-year-old with various talents as an artist, engineer and author, whom they are honored to homeschool.

She enjoys spending time with her family, and she cooks and bakes from scratch. Her favorite dessert to bake is a sour cream pound cake. Destini’s favorite quote is: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

Destini’s Accoplishments:






Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society Nominee


Hillsborough County Public School’s SERV Nominee


The Great American Teach-In Recognition Award


National Honor Society Nominee

Explore, Learn & Have FUN!

We offer 5 different academies here at Unique Destiny. We want you and your children to experience your unique destinys’ in our programs.