Solutions to Reading Learning Loss for your Child

Solutions to Reading Learning Loss for your Child

In our last post we talked about the phenomenon of reading learning loss that particularly happens during the summer months. We explained that for some children, there’s a regression in the reading skills that’ve been built up during the school year over the break. This results in a child being even further behind when the new school year starts.

We determined that a lack of reading resources over the summer was the main problem as to why this is happening to some children. In this post, we want to combat reading learning loss in students, so we have a few suggestions and resources for your child:

Online worksheets

There are several online worksheets available on the internet that can be printed out. Have your child spend 30 minutes a day 4-5 days a week on these worksheets.

Summer reading assignments

If there’s a summer reading assignment, purchase the assigned books at the beginning of the summer and have your child read a chapter a day until the book is complete. Ask them questions about what they read to help them process and understand what they read that day.

Visit your local library

Check to see if your local library has a summer reading program you can enroll your child in. If they don’t, make the library an exciting trip. Let your child feel important by allowing them to pick out their own book and pump them up about their choice. This will likely get them excited about reading what they chose.


Visit a museum with your child. Have them read about each exhibit and tell you about what they learned.

Create a “reading nook”

Make reading comfortable and interesting for your child at home. Set up a fun “reading nook” that you know they would be excited about using.

Incentivize reading

If your child is still showing a disinterest in reading, incentivize it by rewarding them for reading for 30 minutes. This could look like getting to play outside, getting ice cream or playing a video game for 30 minutes, ect.

Tutoring at Unique Destiny

At Unique Destiny we also offer resources to bridge the gap summer break creates in reading learning. We offer tutoring to students because we want to make sure they’re on the same page with their classmates when it comes to reading. This is especially important at the start of the school year! If your child is suffering from reading learning loss, let us help! Sign up for one of our tutoring slots for the end of September today to get your child back on track with their reading skills.

Is Your Child Suffering from Reading Learning Loss?

Is Your Child Suffering from Reading Learning Loss?

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