FAQ & Policies

General FAQs

What is Unique Destiny Learner's Studio All About?

Unique destiny: An Learners studio Studio offers services dedicated to the exploration of learning with excitement. Here at Unique Destiny, you will find plenty of resources that will help with children’s engagement to the world such as a library, labs, and garden. With this, we believe that children can think and explore more clearly with the help of our qualified teachers and staff.

Can we benefit from your learners studio services even if we are not a home education family?

Absolutely, because we welcome all learning paths and home-schooled families! We offer classes after 3pm for students that would love more academic enrichment with hands—on learning.

What is the age range for your services?

Our services range from Family & Me classes for children ages 1-4 to children ages 4-12 (K-6).

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Unique Destiny does not have long-standing or annual contracts with its members. The Academy, Explatory Labs memberships run on a 10-month basis with the annual lump sum divided into 10 equal automatically deducted monthly installments for client’s convenience beginning August 15 with the final installment being drafted on May 15. However, should the need to cancel a membership arise, you will need to complete a cancellation form located in our living room. We stand by our quality of service and offer a 30-day cancellation policy. You will be billed for one more month of membership after you complete the cancellation form. Membership will remain valid during this time and you have full access to Unique Destiny: An Explore & learn studio’s facility. Unique Destiny reserves the right to refuse/cancel a membership for any reason.

What are the dates of Unique Destiny: An Explore & Learner's Studio’s “school year”?

We follow the Polk County School Calendar. Our services begin on August 12th and end on May 28th.

When are you closed?

Labor Day (Sept 2, 2019)
Veterans Day (Nov 11, 2019)
Thanksgiving Break (November 25-29, 2019)
Christmas Break (December 23, 201 – January 3, 2020)
Spring Break (March 23-27, 2020)
Good Friday (April 10, 2020)

Sick Child Policy

Please keep your child at home if he/she seems unusually irritable, listless, is feverish, complains of aches,
or seems to be unusually flushed or pale. It is better to be overcautious than to risk exposing the rest of the children and staff.

The following is a guideline for you to follow in determining when to keep your child at home:


Anything contagious; i.e., chicken pox, hand, foot and mouth disease, etc.


Stomach ache


Earache (if they have not been on medication at least 24 hours)


Fever 101 degrees or over


Diarrhea / vomiting


Contagious rashes


Head lice, including visible nits


Strep throat (if they have not been on medication at least 24 hours)


Pink Eye (conjunctivitis) if they have not been on medication at least 24 hours

Children should be symptom-free for 24 hours to return. Please be advised that the staff may need to send a sick child home if he/she is unable to keep up with the pace of the day. If your child is at the studio and becomes ill, you will be required to pick-up your child immediately. Parents are expected to make arrangements for pick-up in a timely fashion. Please be aware that these guidelines are set forth to help maintain the health and safety of your childand other children as well.

Tuition Based Program FAQs

Please note that Unique Destiny observes all federal holidays and will also be closed 1 week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for the Christmas holiday, and 1 week for Spring Break. These dates were factored into the overall cost and are reflected in the monthly payments. No additional payment adjustments will be made in months during which holidays are observed. While of our tuition-based programs are on a month-to-month basis, members must provide a 30-day notice of cancellation/disenrollment.

Late fees: Tuition Grace period of 1-3 days. 15% fee later than 3 days. 20% fee later than 10 days.

Is the registration fee refundable?

Registration fee is non-refundable. You can also sponsor an additional registration to increase the number of supplies and explorations.

What does the annual registration fee cover?

This covers the cost of resources/materials for the course(s) each child is registered for, and covers a percentage of the Unique Destiny: An Explore & Learn Studio maintenance costs.

What are my payment options?

(See above “Can I cancel my membership anytime?”)

Option 1: Pay the entire school year (the 10 month lump sum) upfront and your payment will be reduced by 5%. 

Option 2: Pay 10 installments of the total school-year price every month on the 15th (automatically deducted from your account).

During months when Unique Destiny is closed, will there be an adjustment in monthly payment?

No, we do not have adjustments for monthly payment but annual enrolment. Memberships have an annual tuition fee divided into 10 monthly installments for your convenience.

(See above: Can I cancel my membership anytime? and Importance
information for our tuition-based programs)

*If Unique Destiny: An Explore & Learn Studio refuses a new or renewing membership,
installment payments will not draft the immediate month following membership cancellation.


On behalf of my minor child (student named on this account), I hereby give permission for my child to participate in Unique Destiny activities and memberships. I acknowledge that my child’s participation in this program is wholly voluntary and is not part of a regular school curricular program. I do hereby agree and consent to my child’s participation in Unique Destiny and do assume all risks and hazards which are conducted as part of the associated activities. I hereby release, absolve, indemnify, and hold blameless Unique Destiny, directors, employees, contracted employees, independent contractors, instructors, agents, organizers, and volunteers of any and all liability for damage, injury, or expense of any kind arising out of or connected with my child’s participation in Unique Destiny programs. I understand that in case of a medical emergency, my own personal medical plan will be used. As a condition of participation in Unique Destiny by the student named in this application, I acknowledge that I have read this consent form, and knowingly, on behalf of my child, assume all of the risks associated with participating in any way in Unique Destiny.

As consideration for being permitted to participate in Unique Destiny, I hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives will not make claim against, sue or attach the property of Unique Destiny, or their Affiliates or the supplier of any of the equipment used in these activities for injury or damage resulting from negligence, failure of care, omission or other acts, howsoever caused by an employee, agent or contractor of Unique Destiny and any affiliate as result of incidental to my child participation in these activities. I hereby release, to the fullest extend permitted by law, Unique Destiny and the affiliates, from any and all actions, claims, demands, or liabilities that I, my assignees, heirs, distributes, guardians, and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury or damage resulting from my son/daughter’s participation in these activities irrespective of whether the same is based on breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability or any other theory or recovery. I/We understand that as part of our child’s participation in Unique Destiny, photos, videos, electronic images, audio recordings and quotations of my daughter/son may be taken for use in publications and reports about the program. I/We grant permission for Unique Destiny  to use such materials of the program.

Personalized Learning

How do we personalize learning for each student?

We personalize learning by giving students various options of classes that cater to not only their interest but involving parents in the process. Building relationships and getting to know the students, parents, and their Lab Instructor is a key component in personalizing! Our teachers personalize learning by setting goals for their students and parents based on each child’s individual need and then provide multiple paths to meet those goals. We personalize learning by working with our students and their individual learning styles. We look at how they learn: either by verbal instruction, visual aids, and perhaps whole body. With our customized lessons, we can focus on their abilities and work with our students to apply their own individual strengths to their own learning situations. We personalize learning by offering smaller class sizes and a team-oriented approach to insure success. Each member of our teaching team brings different skills and training. We also personalize learning by giving students extension activities to do at home which can be used to supplement their homeschooling curriculum. The learning starts with the learner. Learning is tailored to the individual needs of each learner, not just to the “one size fits all.”

Why personalize learning?

Students are more engaged and cooperative in a personalized learning environment, which allows them to successfully achieve their goals. Personalized learning enables a student to seek more out of their education. By incorporating this personalized learning, it allows room for more student inquiry and also develops a passion for academics. Personalized learning promotes a “give and take” environment to build leaders and team-oriented adults instead of test taking robot. Personalized learning inspires students to think outside of the box and encourages them to become actively engaged in their education through passion and excitement. 

Goal Setting

Appropriate, workshop, lab & academy related goals are set for each lesson taught at the learners studio. Student tasks are then individualized, taking each student’s abilities and learning styles into account. Students have the opportunity to set goals to enrich their own educational journey. (As a team and individuals; we make sure to celebrate our goals being reached and work together to help individuals reach their own personal goals).

To enroll your child in one of our home education
academies or labs, please do the following:


Fill out our application form


You will be contacted to schedule a 1st interview with a lab instructor


The you will schedule a 2nd interview


Acceptance: applicants will be notified within 10 days of the 2nd interview


Complete application packet


Pay registration fee


Academic Placement: Schedule assessment test (if needed)


Get ready for school!!

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